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Kiersten McIntire has been on the other side of kindness and knows how vital cultivating kindness is for living a happy and fulfilled life. After taking many steps on the path of her own empowerment, one of Kiersten's greatest passions is the desire to help all women feel empowered. Considering herself a Forgiveness and Acronym Artist, just as the old masters remade themselves through their paintings, Kiersten reinvents herself through forgiveness, as well as turning everyday words into acronyms, to help you live a more fulfilling and beautiful life. Her intention behind WEST is to not only share her personal stories on releasing anger and coming into forgiveness but to also create a platform where other women can come forward to share theirs, as well. When a woman heals herself, it creates a powerful ripple effect allowing others to do the same.

Obsessed with anything from yesteryear, Kiersten recently started a retro-inspired, women’s clothing line called Ingrid Burt (launching soon). Kiersten has been teaching hot yoga classes for the last six years and is passionate about her practice, students, and being a force of change in her community. She lives in Salt Lake City.